It’s all about the stretch

It seems like every surf Co is coming out with some kind of new technology for a strecth boardshort. Most with prices peaking around 100 something dollars. Well, Toes has also designed a light weight 4 way stretch boardshort called Madras. The Madras boardshort is a  perfectly simple light weight mix of polyester and spandex.

Designed with the waterman in mind, this short is rash free, wrinkle free, quick drying and durable. Several of our Team Riders have deemed these boardshorts their all-time favorite and say they are so comfortable, they’ve never surfed in anything better.

Grab them in Green at Toes Laguna before we run out!!



black sand beaches, shipwreck, frozen streams and snowy peaks…


“We are all from the same tribe”- Ceebs

So on this trip we have done a lot, but one of the greatest things of all are the people we have met along the way and the constant smiles. The people that live here are really “living the dream” in their own ways.  This trip has givin Toe’s motto a whole new meaning.

Just to name a few….. Steve, Jeremy, Doug, CB, Jill, Kim, Jeff, Captain Phil, John, Two Sisters Bakery, etc…


“You girls give balls a new meaning” – random dude on beach

The day finally arrived and the wind brought us some waves off the coast of the Cook Inlet. Before our journey to Alaska, Summer had been in contact with Scott Dickerson, a surf photographer out of Homer. He set us up with his good buddy, Mike, who provided the boards and gear we needed. We headed down to The Milo, an old fishing boat transformed into a sweet surfing vessel where we picked up boards, booties, gloves and hoods. Threw on our not-so-sexy seal suits and cruised down to Bishop’s Beach. Ran some laps in our Tele-tubby get-ups, did a few jumping jacks, took a deep breath and charged out! Surprisingly our 4/3s did the trick and we surfed for a few hours before the cold set in. A few on-lookers strolled down the beach to investigate our gender…apparently not too many people, let alone fancy ladies, surf around these parts.


“Hours of boredom for moments of mayhem” – Captain Phil of the Sea Wolf

Our buddy “Ceebs” searched high and low for a skipper willing to take us into the frigid waters of the Cook Inlet. Once again, it’s off-season and the charter boats aren’t running. We searched for a couple days before tracking down Captain Phil, who took us off the coast of Homer in the wind, rain and snow to fish for King Salmon. We headed to the tip of the Kenai, threw some lines in and wrestled 3 King Salmon and a few Rockfish. RESPECT to all Alaskan seamen who fish these freakin’, freezing seas…try reeling in a 25 lb. King when your hands are chilled to the bone and the arctic elements are against you. We spent 5 hours out there, can’t imagine fishing these conditions daily – RESPECT…MAD RESPECT.

We earned our drink at the Salty Dawg, covered in blood of Salmon, scales of Rockfish and the scent of a woman…


There’s no place like Home-r, there’s no place like Home-r…

The journal for these pics is coming later, the uploading in these parts takes foreverrrrrrrr…we’re a day behind on the blogging. There’s no surf yet so on our way to SUP the Cook Inlet and it’s snowing, wish us luck! Not sure if the 4/3 is going to cut it and the outlook is grim for Shelbs and “long-time friend” with their spring suits…plan is not to fall in. Be back soon…


Where to sleep?

We made it to Homer a bit late and needed somewhere to sleep so our new friend CB told us about a free place we could stay…we pulled up to a green ’57 Chevy bus that was our camp for the night.

It was a bit chilly but a step up from sleeping in Papi.

Hunger overcame us when we arrived in town but disappointment set in when we realized everything was closed. CB’s friend, John had been brewing some rabbit stew and was kind enough to share so we brought it to the bus and filled our tummies before the first sleep in Homer.


The Road to Homer.. 4/3/11

So the drive to Homer was one of the most beautiful drives we have ever been on in our lives. The snow covered wilderness was like nothing we had ever seen before! Pictures really don’t do it justice.


Legend of the Uni-Wolf…4/2/11

Legend has it that a mystical creature resides in the Alaskan wilderness, with the body of a wolf and the corn of a Uni. We were hoping to encounter this majestic beast in the mountains of Girdwood. So we left Anchorage and headed toward the Kenai Peninsula on the Seward Highway, where the frozen sea hugged the road. We meandered through glacial deposits of ice, mud and rock that gave way to a land straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Coming up on the Turnagain Pass, we stopped at a roadside bar to ask about surfing the bore tide, which we had read about prior to our journey. Jeff, the bartender who has lived in the area for over 30 years educated us on the tides and the extreme beauty in the surrounding area. We passed roadside rock climbers, and locals filling up on their water supply from mountain waterfalls.

We arrived in Girdwood, a little ski town in the Chugach National Forest and tracked down the only hostel in town since our plans were up in the air. We cautiously entered what looked like an uninhabited but very pleasant hostel. We peeked into the open door and waited for someone to greet us…but not a sound. “Helloooo?” we called. A manly voice replied, “Helloooo?” but we still saw so no one. We tried again, “Helloooo?” hoping someone would appear, but again all we heard was “Hello…” After a moment of silence, the man voice spoke again, “Ok, you’re freakin’ me out!” so we decided to let ourselves in since apparently we were scaring the voice inside and not the other way around. Once inside, still seeing no one, we asked, “Where do you hail?” the voice spoke again, “I hail in here…behind the curtain.” We sent Casey in first…and before opening the curtain, she called out, “Oh Great and Powerful Oz…” and threw open the curtain to discover a bearded man with long flowing locks. Casey fainted at first sight.

We befriended the mysterious, man voice (CB) who was only a guest at the hostel. He gave us the run-down on the area and possible places to stay since the hostel was booked. We called everyplace in town but since it was not peak season we were S.O.L. The most affordable place for the night, was good ol’ Papi – our rental car. We rearranged the luggage and set up camp before heading to the bar for a little night-cap with our new buddy, CB and his friend Doug, a contractor in Homer (3 hours south). Summer, realized her sheet of a sleeping bag was not going to cut it for a frigid night in the rental. Doug was kind enough to let her borrow a spare sleeping bag he had in his truck. We headed back to Papi with extra bedding and waved goodbye to Doug and CB. After waking up every half hour, we realized sleeping in the back of the car was not the warmest or most comfortable idea. We headed over to the “World’s Greatest Laundromat” to shower but they didn’t open till 10:00am so showers were postponed until after boarding. We wearily headed to the local coffee shop, to load up on caffeine and headed to the mountain for a day of white-out snowboarding. The snow dumped all day and provided us with fresh, sicky-sicky, gnar-gnar, pow-pow!  “The World’s Greatest Laundromat” was finally open and we thoroughly enjoyed our $6, 12 minute hot showers before heading to Homer.


The Urban Wilderness 4/1/11

After a long day of traveling yesterday we decided to frolic around Anchorage, to get acclimated to the cold and snag a taste of what we have in store for the rest of the trip. Thanks to our own Bear Grills – Steven Von Busby, we were able to track down  Reindeer sausage for breakfast and get in an aggressive game of “slush” hockey. After falling in melted icy puddles we decided that wasn’t enough sog and charged out to Chugach State Park for a hike to sled, death defying, Flat top peak. In the midst of our killer sledding and snow surfing, we looked up to see a bald eagle soaring overhead. Then, if that weren’t enough, we stumbled upon a snow cave surrounded by 5 mountain ranges; we crawled inside to get the true Eskimo experience! Dinner found us eating more Reindeer sausage with spaghetti, prepared by Sir Von Busby. Reminisced with Anchorage locals about our day while enjoying a gorgeous 9:00PM sunset over the Cook Inlet.

P.S. Posts will continue to be later in the evening, since we’ll be out adventuring during the day…Can’t promise a daily post as we may not have internet in the next few days. Tomorrow we will be heading to Girdwood for boarding in our P.I.M.P 4×4 rental car – we went BIG: rims, flames and bass, we call him Papi, you’ll see him soon enough…


We made it! 3/31/11

4 states and 3 planes later, we are finally in Anchorage – just barely! Shuttle to LAX showed up 30 minutes late, he conveniently filled up his gas tank aaaafter picking us up and also took the longest route possible to pick up our  fellow shuttle riders, Canadians, Sean and Alan in Huntington Beach, eh!  :) After holding our bladders filled with water, coffee and kombucha for 2 hours, we finally arrived at our first of many destinations, LAX. Waved goodbye to Sean, Alan and the scariest driver in California and ran to check-in, only to find out we were in the wrong line after waiting 20 minutes. Another run to the correct line and Syd was 6 pounds over the limit, the exact weight of her sleeping bag…finagled some stuff into Casey’s carry-on and we were on our way again.

LAX to Salt Lake – check

Salt Lake to Portland – check

Portland to Anchorage – check

Taxidermy portraits – check

Search for Steve’s car & keys – check

Exhausted and ready for tomorrow – check!

It’s 12:00am (AK time), we’re here safe and be back tomorrow…


Good Night, Good Morning and we’re off!

So…. Tomorrow is the day we take off to Alaska. Let me tell you that packing for a trip like this takes a lot of checklisting, rolling , and scrunching.

For instance.. my snowboard bag not only contains my board, boots gloves and boarding clothes, but also 3 down vests, extra jacket, towel, wetsuit and my sleeping bag.

I don’t know if I’m Marry Poppins or Mcgyver?

My suitcase is also at maximum capacity. I think packing and being a female is a little more difficult. “Should I bring 2 pairs of jeans or 3”….or ..”this jacket is really cute should I bring it….”?

I don’t think guys do nearly as much thinking as girls.

Anyways, overall I think I am as ready as I can be and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Keep you fingers crossed for a safe flight and decent plane food. Anyone that has traveled with me before knows I always have the worst luck and have the strangest situations happen to me.

I love traveling;)

We will check in tomorrow evening if everything goes as planned…..

See ya’ll tomorrow….

Eskimo Kisses,



It’s almost time……..



Laid back surf-inspired apparel company, Toes on the Nose, has announced the sponsorship of Toes Laguna Lifestyle Team’s first expedition. A premier team of Toes on the Nose brand ambassadors are set to embark on a central Alaskan journey embodying the outdoor, adventurous lifestyle of the Toes on the Nose brand.

The 11-day Alaskan adventure begins March 30 and will be documented on the Toes Laguna blog daily videos, journal entries and photos of their journey with a goal of inspiring people to get out, explore, and embrace an active lifestyle. The itinerary involves minimal set plans but is sure to include spontaneous excursions such as surfing, paddle boarding, glacier hiking, fishing, snowboarding, and ice climbing –weather pending, of course.

“Toes Laguna Lifestyle Team’s mission is to showcase a healthy, active lifestyle and continue to motivate people to do the same,” said Summer Watson, the Toes on the Nose expedition team lead.  “We’re excited to promote the Toes on the Nose brand and its easy-going way of life to the Alaskan people as we feel there is a definite similarity and connection between our brand and the state’s residents.”

The Alaska-bound members include lead Summer Watson, Toes Laguna manager, surf instructor and sponsored musician, Toes Laguna sales associate and surf instructor Sydney Hensler, personal trainer and nutritionist Shelby Hensler, and long-time friend, Casey Ryan.

The four Toes Laguna enthusiasts will be roughing it through the last days of winter in the Alaskan outback concreting the Toes on the Nose lifestyle mantra— living the dream.

“We wanted to travel somewhere we’ve never been, participate in activities we’ve never done, and some we have but in an environment that is completely foreign to us,” said Watson.  “We want to challenge ourselves, learn more about the northern most part of our country, have fun and see where the road takes us. We’re anxious to see what this adventure has in store for us.””

To follow the Toes Laguna Lifestyle Team’s journey through Alaska, please visit or for more information on the team’s efforts, please visit



Last Tuesday Sam and some of the photographers from Sanuk stopped by the shop and took pics of the crew .  It was hilariously fun not knowing what pics they were going to use for the ad.  It left us in suspense……

Turned out pretty cool! Check out www. for more on Toes Laguna.



On Saturday March 19th Toes on the Nose held a trunk show at Nordstroms South Coast Plaza.

Legend Rabbit Kakai and team rider Darren Eudaly hung out for the day signing posters and talking story. Nordstroms showcased the new awesome mens line , followed with a raffle for a beautiful 10’0 Longboard.


Toes Laguna’s Summer Watson performed at “Milk & Cookies” Event put on by TOMS shoes and Active

Photo courtesy of Allison Halpern



Send us RADICAL, KILLER, SICK, GNAR-GNAR pics of yourself wearingToes gear (example below) and you could WIN a FREE shirt!  email to, subject title “I’m rad”

Sashamon show at House of Big Fish & Ice Cold Beer…Summer Watson practicing beardo conversation in preparation for Alaska, with Chuck Kelly and unknown beardo.


Sashamon Live at Toes Laguna:)


Look what we stumbled upon in Costa Rica…..




Toes Soccer

For the past few years Toes on the Nose employees and lifestyle enthusiasts have gathered together to  form a soccer team. They play every thursday night in a low pressure and high intensity OC soccer league. For Toes, this league is about living an active and healthy lifestyle! We like any excuse to gather with friends and move around.


Remember…15% off Wednesday nights at the shop for LB locals !

Laguna Beach residents show I.D. from 4:00PM to close for discount


Introducing Mr. Noah Cardoza!

Toes on the Nose is proud to introduce the latest addition to our surf team: 16 year-old shredder, Noah Cardoza. Noah was scouted by fellow team rider, Darren Eudaly down at Doheny. Darren sees Noah as an up-and-coming, stand-out surfer in the Longboard scene and urged us to snatch him up quick; so we did! He is now the newest and youngest member of the Toes on the Nose Surf Team. Keep an eye out for Noah, as his potential in surfing is undeniable…Noah will be competing, March 5th at the Salsa Surfing Contest in Huntington Beach, CA. Come check him out in person! More pics and videos of Noah coming soon so stayed tuned to watch this young man take over the Longboard scene😉

We caught up with Noah at the shop last week and even convinced him to crawl in the window for a few photos. Check out our first interview with him below…oh and he’s modeling the Jay L/S hoodie, available through our online shop or the brick & mortar shop.



The name says it all…

Seahippie is a Laguna Beach jewelry company lead by Toes on the Nose sponsored surfer and lifestyle team member Diina Horo. Seahippie pieces are a perfect mix of delicate golds paired with bold, raw materials like seashells, turquoise and coral.  Her designs are simple and unique, perfect for the hippie girl who showers😉

Come check out some of Diina’s collection at Toes Laguna Beach.


Chasing dolphins near Dana Point last weekend

We sailed right into a huge pod of playful dolphins last weekend just outside of Dana Point Harbor. They stayed with us for awhile, playing and jumping in front of the bow. CAUTION: If you do not have your sea legs, this video may invoke a bit of wooziness.




February Window get sucked in

The backdrop is hand-painted drywall and the wave is made of flexible aluminum duct, foil and tissue paper


Toes on the Nose in California Apparel News…

New tee designs by Toes Laguna’s own Sydney Hensler




Off to China she goes…

One of Toes on the Nose’s dearest and most “hilarious” employees Courtney Raymond says “goodbye Laguna, Hello China.”

Courtney has been at Toes on the Nose since 2002, if you have been to the shop before you have most likely seen her.

After months of teaching Esl surf classes through UCI, Court realized that ESL may be where her passion is.

With an incurable travel bug and love for teaching and language, Courtney     put all these together and landed her dream job in Chengdu, China teaching   english.

Not only is Courtney teaching but she is working behind the scenes creating and building new lesson plans. As much as we know she is working hard, we also know Court won’t forget to play hard. Check out all her Chinese adventures by checking her blog….

We miss ya Court!



Toes on the Nose Logs by “Skywalker”




Sunday Funday

2-5pm at Toes on the Nose, LB. Bring your friends and come check out Corey and his band. Beers and cool people will be provided🙂


Bringing in the New year Costa Rica style

For the past 3 years in a row Toes Laguna brought in the New Year in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is becoming a second home for us and we are in love with the jungle, the people, and of course the surf. Our days are spent on the water, surfing and exploring the coastlines of the Gulfo Dulce. Here are some shots from the latest adventure.


Laguna Beach gets hammered with rain and mud!