Diana Rosa Cordova

Where you grew up? I grew up in Acapulco Mexico. Acapulco is bay side city that is surrounded by mountains which makes for beautiful scenery and great weather. 
What you’re into: I started to practice skimboarding when I was 10 years old, I now live in Laguna Beach and started surfing about 2 years ago. Surfing has quickly become one of my favorite sports and I love being out there in the ocean
Family life: I have one brother and he is the one who introduced to to skimboarding We grew up with my mom in Acapulco. Coming  from a Mexican family, I also have a lot of cousins, aunts, uncles and a beautiful grandmother. I am now married to a professional skimboarder, Robbie Morris who taught me how to surf!
Favorite Toes Piece: I love the Schooner Hoodie, the feel of the sea silk is amazing. I also love the Goofy/Regular shirt!
Little known fact: By placing in the United States Skim Tour, I gained the title of the first professional women's skimboarder from Mexico.With that recognition, local artist Elisa Rank included me in her project "Walls Against Inequity" showcasing powerful women in an area that would normally be considered for men. All the murals are in my hometown of Acapulco.
Love for everybody!!